Natural Methods of Treating Arthritis

Natural Methods of Treating Arthritis

Arthritis refers to inflammation of the body’s joints. The inflammation of the joints is caused by the failure of the autoimmune system. When the immune system is attacked, it is unable to repair the body tissues, and the joints get attacked. This attack of the joints leads to inflammation of tendons and ligaments.

There are different types of arthritis depending on the causes. Rheumatoid is the standard type. This is an osteoarthritis resulting from autoimmune disorder leading to the wearing down of the cartilage. The symptoms associated with osteoarthritis include joint pain, stiffness, joint pain and swelling of joints.

The symptoms are noticed after body rest especially in the early mornings after the bones have rested for the whole night. There are various ways of treating this health condition ranging from doctors medication to use of the natural herbal medicines.
Natural herbal medicines are helpful in reducing pain stiffness and inflammation. Here are some of the best ways of treating arthritis.

Losing weight

Your body weight determines the amount of pain experienced on your join
ts. It is, therefore, paramount to check your weight. There is man riding bikevarious way of losing your body weight such as exercising, dieting and by use of the natural herbal medicines.Weight loss help in reducing the pressure exerted on your knees.


Weight reduction has been proven to reduce the arthritis symptoms. Proper weight management increases the mobility of the body’s joints. Losing weight also helps in further prevention of the damage to your joints.


Body exercise plays a great role in our daily lives. Exercises help in the control of your body weight thus reducing all the potential risks associated with overweight arthritis being one of them. Exercises also help in strengthening of the joints muscle and lubrication of the joints.

Failure to exercise leads to the thickening of the synovial fluid contained in the body joints. Thickening of the synovial fluid leads to the stiffness of the joints. Exercise helps in making the synovial fluid vicious thus lubricating the joints.


AcupunctureThis is one of the oldest methods. It was used in reducing inflammation and pain. The method was also used in preventing disability in the arthritis patients. The method involves piercing the skin at specific joints thus releasing endorphins chemical.

This process acts as natural pain killer thus reducing pain. Knowledge from experienced acupuncturists is critical in identifying the points for putting the needles thus relieving the arthritis pain.

Cold and hot therapy

It is used to treat arthritis by many doctors. Helps in reducing joint swellings and inflammation. It is done by repeatedly cooling and warming the affected joints by use of an ice pack and a heated towel. A hot shower can also be used in reducing the pain. This method helps in increasing blood circulation to the affected joints.