Benefits of Disposal Skin Markers in Mammography

Benefits of Disposal Skin Markers in Mammography

Mammograms are x-ray images of the breast. You will also need to know the types which use x-ray systems. For example, mammography is one unique kind of imaging which emits radiation used to create images of the breast. This procedure should be done by experienced and trained physicians who are trained to interpret and supervise the examinations. After understanding the radiology, they analyze the image and send detailed reports to the next physician to discuss the results with patients.

Before deciding to conduct this procedure, it is essential to understand that there are different types of skin markers you may undergo based on your problem. This is why you should review them with your physician before making a final decision. The following are the benefits of disposable skin markers in mammography.

Easy Location of Raised Moles

hand on breastSome people have skin conditions which are visible. Therefore with the skin markers, you are assured that they will locate the raised moles with overshadowing microcalcifications. You should also understand how the devices work before you put them on your skin. For instance, when the radiolucent ring is placed around the protuberance, it will prevent the flattening which may be caused by compression.

It is vital to note that these markers are available in two forms. You need to choose the best type which suits your needs. When using radiolucent, you should also understand that the markers will not burn out.

Fewer Repeat Examinations

You need to understand those skin markers are vital tools when it comes to mammography. With these tools, costly repeat examinations may be reduced easily by identifying the problem with the ball nipple markers. One favorite label used by most people is the sure mark lead ball nipple marker. The nipple markers mammogram will ensure you get the best result without repetition.

Improved Patient Comfortdoctor checking patient

For the patients with painful skin conditions, the skin markers are the best tools which will help you improve the comfort. When using the disposal skin markers, you are sure that they are accurate and thus they will help you in developing the patient’s comfort.

Mammography is essential for people who want to treat skin conditions. There are different skin markers for mammography. Disposal skin marker is one of the most common markers. These are major benefits associated with using the disposable skin markers during you mammography.

Home Acne Treatment That You Should Know

Home Acne Treatment That You Should Know

Acne is a skin condition that affects good numbers of the world’s population. You will find most people especially teenagers obsessed with this condition. The sad news is that there is no big secret to having a proper preventive mechanism for it especially if you are an adolescent. However, some home acne treatments can be very helpful in helping you to eliminate some of the problems.

Preventive mechanisms

woman showing her pimpleThe most important thing when it comes to the management of acne is to prevent it. Most people do not seem to realize the fact that there are ways that can be used to ensure that acne does not affect them badly. Such people end up agonizing when they should have done away with the problem. Here are some of the practices that can help you prevent acne from disturbing your peace of mind.

Drinking a lot of water

When you drink a lot of water, you help the body to get rid of the waste products of your body. It is good to remember that the skin is one of the excretory organs. This means that some waste products from the body find their way out through the skin. If you there is no enough water in the body, that chemical s may cause problems to your skin.


You also need to make sure that you maintain high hygienic levels. You need to find a soft sponge that you will be using to massage your face with while washing it gently. This way, you will ensure that acne is put in check and that it does not spread from one point to another. When one pimple breaks and you let the pus move from one point to another, you give the bacteria a chance to spread.

Common home treatment methods

Sometimes you may need to visit your local salon for a facial mask. The mask may cost you a few dollars, but it can help you to do reduce the intensity the acne. You can also try another simple but also effective ways to help you do away with it. Just take some few mashed avocados and mixed with honey and ground almonds. You need to make into a thick paste and apply to your face.

Fresh garlic

garlicThis is another home acne treatment that you can use to treat acne without having to spend. Garlic is a great antiseptic that can be used to kill bacteria. All that you need to do is to apply it around the affected area before washing it off. It is good to take note of the fact that you might feel some sting during the application of it. Check out proactiv reviews to learn more about acne.