Home-made teeth whitening remedies

Home-made teeth whitening remedies


Having people comment on how beautiful your smile is, brings great satisfaction and pride to both women and men. The ability to smile whenever you feel like it is something that boosts anyone’s confidence and self-love. A lot of women today put much emphasis on how they choose to take care of their smile.

I mean, everyone would choose to agree with me that the condition of your teeth is what contributes to almost 95% of the smile. Lip texture and color does not hold a candle to the immense contribution that a clean set of white teeth adds to the smile.

On the bright side of things, there are an immense number of techniques and treatments that would give your teeth a white shine and brighten your smile.

Now not all techniques may apply to everybody. Each technique may vary depending on the person’s financial status or desire. There are two major types of techniques; – The professional teeth Whitening techniques and the Home-made teeth whitening remedies or Do-It-Yourself (DIY) techniques.


smiling tooth Studies have shown the Americans spend about 1.4 billion dollars alone on professional teeth whitening products. A small part of the population has heard or even tried the revolutionary techniques of DIY teeth whitening.

Recent independent studies at the University of Pennsylvania have shown that DIY techniques produce better results in a short amount of time than professional techniques.

The DIY teeth whitening ingredients are easy to find and may already be in your household. Over half of the American population are coffee lovers. Coffee is the major cause of change in the white color of teeth. Wine, Blueberries and other acids in fruits can weaken the enamel causing staining and structural damage in some cases.

The different DIY teeth whitening techniques

Hydrogen Peroxide

This is the main ingredient in professional teeth whitening, and yet this is something easy to find and use in the household.

How to use:
  • Simply Gargle two tablespoons of the peroxide for about 2 minutes and rinse.
  •  Make sure you do not leave the peroxide in the mouth for too long as this can create white spots on your teeth.

Baking soda:

This can be used alone or combined with hydrogen peroxide.

How to use:
  • Simply put the baking soda or a combination or the baking soda and peroxide on your toothbrush and brush for about 2-3 minutes.
  • Rinse the toothbrush and with clean water only brush your teeth for an additional 2 minutes.
  • Rinse your mouth again with warm water, or you can use mouthwash.
  • Avoid the gum area unless you intend to whiten the gum.

Teeth Whitening Pack:

This includes; a 3ml whitening gel, LED light and two moldable trays.

How to use:
  • The moldable trays are first inserted in the mouth one by one. With each insertion of the tray, a firm bite is made to mold out the teeth on the tray.
  • The upper and lower teeth are both separately molded out onto the two different trays
  • The whitening gel is then added into each of tooth mold on each tray.
  • Both trays are inserted back into the mouth on both upper and lower jaws.
  • The LED light is then applied to the trays in the mouth and held there for 40-60 minutes.
  • Do not add too much whitening gel

Teeth whitening strips:

teeth toy This technique is the best DIY teeth whitening option out there. It is basic and takes a short time.

How to use:
  • Simply remove the light cover off the strips and apply to the teeth on both upper and lower teeth.
  • Wait 30-40 minutes and rinse the mouth.

This technique simple and gives the best results almost immediately.

Final Words

I prefer the strips because of their easy to use features and risk-free option. But all DIY techniques produce amazing results.

How To Select The Best Dentist

How To Select The Best Dentist

Proper dental care is vital to good health. However, many people do not know how to choose a good dentist for themselves. Choosing a good dentist is the first and the most important step that you will take in order to achieve an excellent oral health.

Finding the right dentist could be very hard at times, but in most cases, it may be as easy as asking a friend, relative or colleague. Any recommendation from someone you know and trust is by far the best way to find an excellent dentist like bluffs family dentistry. However, if you are different to this or you have never seen a dentist for a long time and find yourself without one, you will have to look for a way on how to select the best dentist. The following are some of the considerations you should explore;

Select The Best Dentist

Check the reviewswoman working on laptop

In the modern age of technological advancements, the internet is a very powerful tool. A comprehensive way of finding out about the best dentist in your area is to read about other people’s experiences. Look up the dentists in your area and read the reviews. This will give you a clear view of what you want. Also, make sure Google has certified the reviews.

Modern and high-tech equipment

The dental practice has evolved, and it is very different from the old days. The dentist you choose should be equipped with the modern high tech equipment like a digital x-ray machine or digital ultra-oral cameras. Moreover, if their system is digitized, this indicates that the practice is credible and well organized. We all want a dentist who will provide anesthetic, high-quality restoration using materials that will make your teeth look comfortable, beautiful and durable.

How available is the dentist

A good dentist will have arrangements for handling emergencies that may occur outside office hours. Besides, a good dentist also offers services on Saturdays or evenings. An excellent dentist should get you in fairly soon when you make an appointment rather than having you wait for several weeks.

Multiple services provided

Some dental practices are multi-specialty practices. Multi-specialty means that the dental practice has a general/family dentist and hygienist as well as other specialists. Other professionals may include; endodontists (root canal), periodontists (experts in gum and bone health), orthodontists and much more.

Do they have a payment plan available

wallet Successful dental practices usually allow patients to make payments in whatever way that suits them. This allows the patients to get the dental care without any financial stress. Any thriving practice will be able to work with you on the payments, whether insurance covers you or not.

All these factors will help you to select the best dentist to help with your oral care for the long term future.