Bone Diseases

Bone disease is commonly known as “osteopathy.” Bones play a significant role in supporting the body movement and maintaining the body shape. Bones are rebuild constantly by the living tissues throughout your life. From childhood to teenage age, new bones are added to the body at a faster rate than the old bones are removed.

From the age of twenty years, bones are dropped faster than they are build. Good health is a requirement especially at a young age as it enhances the growth of strong bones and stops bone loss as you grow old.

For proper bone development, you need sufficient calcium, vitamin D, and body exercise. You should also avoid drinking much alcohol and quit smoking.

Common Bone Diseases


This is a severe medical condition leading to the development of fragile and delicate bones. It is caused by the deficiency of calcium and vitamin D. This bone disease is also caused by hormonal changes.

Osteogenesis imperfecta

This is an inherited disorder. Genes mutations mainly cause it. This disease leads to the development of fragile bones. The fragile bones are weak and break easily.


The disease maboneinly affects young children. It is primarily caused by the deficiency of vitamin D. It is characterized by imperfect softening, distortion and softening of the bones. This results in the formation of bow legs.


Fracture of the bone

Bone fracturing refers to the breaking of the bone. Stress, pathological and normal conditions cause the fracturing of the bone are some of the predisposing factors leading to the fracturing of the bones. In children, it is mainly caused by incomplete calcification leading to relatively weak bones while in adults weakening of the bones is caused by aging.


This is a genetic disorder. It is characterized by abnormal ossicle conversionAchondroplasia from cartilage.this leads to abnormal growth of bones. In the severe condition, it can result in dwarfism.


Osteomyelitis is an infection affecting the bone tissue. Aureus infectious organism mainly causes the disease. These infectious organisms reach the bone through an extension of the local lesion or the bloodstream.
This leads to the destruction of the cancellous ossicle as it gets inflamed. Inflammation of the cancellous ossicle affects blood supply in the bones leading the death of the affected bones. Other bone diseases include:
Osteosarcoma- this is the bone cancer.


It is a hereditary disorder indicated by skin lesions. The diseases mainly affect the nervous system.